What equipment do I need ?

No need for high-performance equipment, low-cost fitness skates can be perfectly suitable to enjoy this easy skate.  But do make sure they are in proper order of maintenance (no loose screw, worn out wheels, stuck roller-bearings ; brake in good condition if you use one).

Need skate rentals? See this FAQ: https://www.rollers-coquillages.org/wp2019/ufaqs/location-de-rollers/

We highly recommend wearing adequate protective gear (in particular helmet and wristguards).

Carry enough water to drink, even in winter time, and obviously more in the heat of summer, you don’t want to risk dehydration (cramps, strained muscles, headaches, heat stroke…)

Aso pack a little something to eat at the mid-skate break, or if you need a little sugar-rush before an uphill climb…

In your backpack, you’ll also carry a pair of light shoes and a métro ticket, just in case you might need or want to quit the Skate before it returns to Bastille (rain, tiredness, mechanical issue…)

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