Any rules ?

Of course, but just a few.  Generally speaking, friendliness, good humor and solidarity are a good guide.

The Skate takes place on the street exclusively. For once, we have the street to ourselves, please leave the pavements for pedestrians. Even when street surface is bad cobblestones …

Skaters are invited to comply with the directives given by the volunteer “staff” (marshalls).  Their objective is to ensure safety for the skaters as well as for the surrounding public. Staff members have a delegation from the Prefecture of Police to block traffic at the crossroads and isolate the skaters from vehicles and pedestrians. They also ensure the overall smooth running of the entire event.

Do not overtake the front line.
Do not skate on the left side of the road (most often, oncoming traffic coming is not cut off).
Please leave free passage for marshalls who need to speed forward to go block traffic ahead at the next intersections and allow the skate to keep moving.  Never ever swerve left without first looking if a “yellow shirt” might be coming full speed.  Do try to leave a small corridor on the right-hand side near the sidewalk for the right-side marshalls also needing to move forward …

The staff are there for you, thank you for showing them respect and making their job easier. They don’t enjoy screaming any more than you enjoy being screamed at …

Should you suffer a fall, staff will take care of you.
Don’t hesitate to ask if you need medical assistance. Don’t underestimate the shock of a heavy fall, you may need to recover your spirits. We are accompanied by first aid vehicles, manned by paramedics trained to this type of situation.

You will quickly learn the few gestures used to signal the dangers to fellow skaters (in particular, raise your arms to signal a danger, a slowdown or a stop).

HIghly-skilled skaters are also very welcome in the hike, as long as they remain aware that they are intermixed with people who are sometimes less confident on their skates. A close-proximity slalom, an aggressive slidestop, a very stylish figure, too close to an already uncomfortable skater, can be enough to cause them to lose balance, even without physical contact.

Please respect all participants, so that the skate remains enjoyable for everyone.

You can find our complete Skating Rules by clicking this link: Skating Rules.

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