When will my Skate pictures appear on the Gallery…

Delays vary, from one week to sometimes many, depending on the availability of the volunteers who need to :
  1. collect, after the Skate, the pictures from the photographers’ memory cards (and sometimes it is not possible or inconvenient to do it right after the Skate ends, in which case it must be arranged to be done at a later time…),
  2. perform some technical operations on all these picture files (image format conversion, renaming to proper naming conventions, adding watermark…),
  3. select the best pictures out of sometimes more than 1,000 down to a reasonable number (approx. 250 per week) ; selection is based on technical criteria (sharpness, color balance,…), people photographed (in principle, no pictures of our police escort, no pictures of attitudes or situations that could make people uncomfortable or be construed as an invation of their privacy, … ), variety (of sites,, camera angles , people photographed…),
  4. upload all this into an album on the Gallery.

When the album is ready, it is announced as such on our Facebook group.

Huge thanks are due to our volunteers for this important but somewhat tedious work !

Category: What's this sunday skate all about, and how does it work?