Are we skating this Sunday ?

As a matter of principle, the skate is scheduled each and every sunday, year long.
As long as an official cancellation hasn’t been announced, you can assume the skate is on.

Exceptional cancellations

As soon as it is approved by the Police Authority, usually on thursday or friday, the skate route is published on this site (, on both our Facebook official page and group, and sent via massmail to those who have subscribed to our “route” newsletter.  To subscribe to this newsletter:


In case of special circumstances making the skate impossible (eg : Tour de France arrival, big political rally, New Year’s eve…), the cancelation is announced via the same channels as soon as it is known to us.

Bad weather cancellations

Sunday morning (before 12 noon) cancellations

If the weather forecast on the day is unequivocally adverse, we try to issue the official cancellation as early as no doubts remain, sunday before noon, to avoid mobilising everybody (staff, ambulance crew, police, and you, skaters) for nothing.  In that case, monitor Facebook and this site, the cancellation is announced as soon as decision is made.

Cancellations at 2:30pm or after

In case of iffy weather, we try to keep our options open as long as reasonable.  If you don’t see any announcement on the social networks or this site, it’s a sign we have decided not to risk cancelling too early and then watching the sun shine all afternoon.  In some cases, we may wait, only to cancel on the spot at the very last minute (2:30pm) it it turns out that there’s really no choice.  It also happens that delaying like that makes it possible to “salvage a skate” that looked unlikely, and those few (hundreds of) avid skaters who were true believers are blessed with  riding against all odds…. and, sometimes, end up disbanding after skating 300m (or 10km) and getting drenched to the bones : “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose”…

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