Skaters only ? What about boards, scooters, bikes, ……

The Sunday Skate is open only to users of skates (roller skates or blades), skateboards, longboards, and non-motorized scooters, excluding bicycles, motorized vehicles or devices.

Baby proms are acceptable.  We recommend you use a model designed for sport with good stability, a braking system, a raised hi-vis flag. You should securely fasten straps around your little-one, and make them wear a proper helmet. We prefer pushing-parents to skate around the rear-end of the group, where the crowd is usually less compact.
Remember to let your kid drink enough and often enough, it does get very hot at macadam-level in the heat of summer.

Wheelchair users are very welcome to join as well.

We often see cyclists following the group behind the safety vehicles.  They are outside the organization, in traffic under their own responsibility and subject to the rules of the Highway Code.

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